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Under the background of Chinese education and culture, the idea that “everything takes the overall situation as the most important” subtly sneaks into the cognition of various communities. Individual self-thinking and consciousness cannot be squarely and respected, resulting in the equalization of “self” and “selfishness”. And “self” becomes the endorsement of "personality is too prominent and does not consider others." As an independent individual, people walk in today's environment, but there are generally imperfect personalities and lack of self-cognition.

Even though the external environment or its own factors cause a broken and imperfect influence on self-cognition, but "self" as one of the three major components of the spiritual level of “I” still exists in our subconscious and memory. The exhibition "I, ME, MY, MINE", the former "I" is the subconscious, broken self, the latter "Mine" is the subject of "I", Huang Jingyao regards photography as a memory record and a medium reflecting the individual's preconscious consciousness. Consciousness is composed of memory, showing the form of self-"broken" and the process of "retrieving" self-consciousness. Everyone has their own way of finding themselves and presenting their own self-consciousness. The photos shot by the nonconscious are evidence that self-awakening or self-recognition evolves into the most self-recognition. This is the adjustment of self-cognition and also the recovery self is recombining part of self-awareness.


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