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The main concept is to display the “Potential Rules” of females in Chinese society. Female in Chinese has suffered from the bounds and restricts of conservative Chinese society and its values. And those phenomenons still exist in modern Chinese society. I want people aware of the “Potential Rules” of women such as women must be married to men and have children, women are not encouraged to receive a high level of education, women will be judged their weight and appearance by any person, and so on. 

I grew up in a big family in China, we have 32 family members, and all of us live close to each other. In my family, all adults take care of children together. But girls always have to learn more than boys, such as self-protection awareness, do housework and take care of the whole family. Those rules restrict girls in my family and are the reason why I started this project. Some girls in Chinese were never encouraged to have any self conciseness because most of the conservative people believe what you think is not important, the important thing is what others think of you. As a woman, you need to balance between their career and family or they will be judged. 


I expect people can be aware of and rethink those potential rules and restrictions that society expects from females. Women should never be judged based on those potential rules.

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